Is your wireless Internet service succeeding by bringing in new & repeat customers?


Are too many Wi-Fi users occupying your tables for hours on end?


These and other important questions are faced by many cafés, restaurants, and other businesses that provide wireless Internet for their customers.   The answers to these questions directly relate to the profitability of your business.


spotInfo is a web-based service from Innové Technologies that gives you the information you need to answer these and many other questions.   spotInfo presents clear, easy to understand graphical charts that are automatically generated every hour based on data from your own individual hotspot.   By subscribing to spotInfo, you will be able to:

  • Determine what portion of your seating capacity is being occupied by Wi-Fi users
  • Find out how long Wi-Fi users are staying at your tables
  • Estimate how much revenue could be generated if you charged for wireless Internet access
  • See the growth rate of new and repeat users of your wireless network
  • Learn whether you are gaining or losing repeat business from Wi-Fi users
  • And much more information to help you use Wi-Fi to your best revenue advantage

spotInfo works by linking your hotspot over the Internet to the Innové Technologies spotInfo server.   No equipment is required at your hotspot to use spotInfo.   The only requirement is a compatible wireless router or access point, almost all of which are compatible.   spotInfo customers have access to their hotspot data at any time via a secure, SSL-encrypted connection to a password protected web page.


Contact us for more information on how spotInfo can help you to optimize business at your wireless hotspot.   We can be reached by email at or by phone at (877) 236-9026.   Callers outside of the United States may reach us by dialing 1 (202) 250-3674.