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What is it? spotPublicity is a low cost, wide reaching, and long lasting form of PR for your business.   It targets the ultra-fast growing population of mobile Internet users both locals and travelers alike, who are now out looking for new businesses to patronize that offer wireless Internet.

Who is it for?

spotPublicity is for any type of business that wants to use its wireless Internet offering, whether free or charged-for, as a method of drawing in new customers.

Why should my business use it?

The number of laptop computers sold in the United States is growing extremely fast, and getting even faster as laptop prices drop.   New laptop owners want someplace to surf the Internet outside of home or office, where they can enjoy the other things they like to do - eat, drink, sip, chat, or even while they wait for laundry at a Wi-Fi enabled Laundromat.

How does it work?

spotPublicity is quick and easy to use.   Just fill out our form with some information about your business like address, hours of operation, type of business (restaurant, lounge, club, etcetera), then make a one-time secure credit card payment online of $35.00, and we do the rest.   We submit your hotspot information to over 20 of the best Wi-Fi directories and Hotspot search engines on the Internet, and then let you know by email when your business shows up online at these sites.

Can't I do it myself?

Definitely, and to help with this, we have made our list of Wi-Fi directories & hotspot search engines available here for businesses that want to do it themselves.   But we think that some businesses will prefer to save the time and effort of entering their information over and over again for each search engine, and following up to make sure the listings are complete and correct when online, and requesting changes if needed from any of the search engine sites.

What is the cost?

spotPublicity has a one-time fee of $35.00, payable securely online with a major credit card.   We think that is a great deal, because your business will have a lasting presence on the Internet, unlike traditional forms of marketing that require recurring investments over time.

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I'm ready! How do I get started?

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